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My name is Melissa Molomo and I'm from Long Island, New York. I released my debut self-published book “Say What’s Real” in 2014. Since that time, I have independently sold 6,000+ paperback copies and currently have over 180,000 faithful, global followers on all mainstream social media platforms. 

Before I released my debut book, I worked for Grammy-nominated recording artist and producer Ryan Leslie. The man was a Harvard graudate at the age of 19 for crying out loud. When I tell you I experienced working under and following the footsteps of a creative genius, that's exactly what I did. If you would like to see my credentials, check out Ryan's album credits for Les Is More.

For as long as I can remember my passion has always been music, love and writing. I write to empower, enlighten and encourage. I write about living life through heartache, carrying the torch of forgiveness, and accepting one’s personal flaws. I am all about self-growth, positive energy and inspiring others to reach the highest level of themselves. Good vibes are everything. 

Say What's Real is something I created for us to reach the highest level of ourselves. For us to teach what we learn and not just keep it to ourselves. For us to shed light upon every human being we come in contact with and leave an imprint on their hearts. For us to be respectful, kind and honest to every single person we cross paths with. And most importantly for us to empower, enlighten and encourage self-growth. Say What's Real alone is such a strong statement. With my books you will be able to represent what Say What's Real is all about.

Thank you for being part of my journey. I hope I inspire you to not only follow your dreams, but to make your dreams come true.


Melissa Molomo || Founder & Editor

It starts with us... Together, we can change the world.